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Far Fung Places:
The Keeper of the Kingdom™

There are very few places left on the earth that remain virtually free of western civilization's influences.


The Kingdom of Bhutan, an ancient land nestled in seclusion high in the Himalayas, has remained pristine. This is due to the vigilance of Bhutan's fourth king, His Majesty Jigme Singe Wangchuck. Upon his coronation in 1974, he took a dramatic history-making step by simultaneously creating and limiting tourism. His Royal Government decreed the formation of Bhutan Tourism Corporation. Its Purpose: To introduce tourism to The Kingdom, but at the same time, protect it from the potential negative impact upon the precious culture and environment.

With the historic coronation of the fifth king, His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, on November 6, 2008, this policy continues, insuring the treasure of Bhutan's cultural and environmental richness.

This carefully conceived plan for limited and controlled tourism endures today. Although Bhutan Tourism Corporation was privatized in 1991, (and became Bhutan Tourism Corporation Limited, BTCL) it still holds true to its original charter. That is why Far Fung Places, one of the world's most-respected, privately held travel companies, was appointed as their U.S. representative in 1996. To be entrusted with The Kingdom and all of its magic, is a responsibility that Far Fung Places takes very seriously. It is through their eyes they can begin to weave together the story of this unusual land. And share it with a privileged few. When you make your personal journey to Bhutan, you will want to travel with the company that holds the keys to the kingdom. They will share with you 'The Last Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom'.

Only Far Fung Places can open the doors that will transport you to another time, where centuries old traditions are played out in all elements of everyday Bhutanese life. Far Fung Places is proud to have been chosen to share this land of dzongs, (temple fortresses), monasteries, and monks and majestic mountains. Every trip has been planned to enchant you with remarkable insights into the culture. And, to open your heart to an engaging and warm-hearted people who will take the time to explain their enduring beliefs and why they will go to incredible lengths to preserve their rare lifestyle amongst the glistening silver peaks. You will go, properly briefed by Far Fung Places, in the unique ways and customs of the Bhutanese, so you can go as a socially and culturally-sensitive visitor. You will return as a friend of The Kingdom, concerned about preserving this remarkable place for all time.


Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd has entrusted Far Fung Places to provide every one of their guests with an in-depth knowledge of their history and customs. While always making the visitor aware of how fleeting these moments they are experiencing would be, if Far Fung Places did not honor what was set forth in the Royal Decree. Travel in safety and comfort on a voyage of unforgettable spirituality and adventure.


Experience The Kingdom of Bhutan, as it was meant to be experienced, by the ones who cherish it and revere it as if it were their own. Far Fung Places, the 'keeper of the kingdom' of Bhutan.



Photo: JD Keser
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