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Jogay Jogay: Custom Bhutan Travel


Jogay Jogay is a Bhutanese song often sung by friends as they embark on a long journey.


Come, let's go, with Far Fung Places, the experts on this iconic Buddhist country. These are journeys of a personal nature, tailor-made to your specifications to assure that yours will be the trip of a lifetime. These handcrafted journeys can not be found on any website. The finished product will be a reflection of your desires and our 30 year plus expertise in Bhutan.

Travel with our renowned guide Karchung, Far Fung Places Field Manager in BhutanTrip Advisor® Far Fung Places Bhutan site. Trip Advisor® Far Fung Places Bhutan site.


The Journey

Maybe you have some secret yearning to raft a Himalayan river or hike to a ridge studded with fluttering prayer flags or just sit in a quiet monastery and let the stillness overwhelm you. Or, perhaps you'd like to spend some nights camping under the stars listening to the cicadas in the dense pine forest.


Many people come to Bhutan wanting to share experiences with the Bhutanese people. We make that happen by extending an invitation to sleep at a lovely Bhutanese farmhouse not on the tourist circuit. Or, attend a feeding ritual to propitiate malevolent spirits. Or, join in the Zangcho Monlam, the greatest food offering of the year where thousands of monks and nuns say prayers for world peace.


• Is your focus on learning? Bhutan is filled with experts who would love to share their knowledge with people who are curious about their culture.


• Meet an expert in your field, whether is medicine, law, education, or government, for example.


• Or, have a weaving lesson with an eastern Bhutanese master using a backstrap loom.


• Or, spend an hour with an art preservationist to learn how ancient paintings and thangkas are being preserved.


• Or, meet with a geologist to hear about the effects of global warming on this Himalayan country.


• Or, find out about the history of food in Bhutan from an expert who literally wrote the book on ­the subject.


• Or, meet with young entrepreneurs in Bhutan. Many of them were unemployed and founded companies with help from humanitarian agencies.


• Meet with a musicologist or a dance master who will talk about the complex meanings of festival choreography.


Within this personalized program, you have a choice of what to see and do based on your ambitions for the trip.



Land/Air Cost

Land price*: Semi Custom–Although trip content remains the same, prices can vary widely with the choice of hotels (3, 4, 5 star). Please contact our office.


*All our trip prices include: Bhutan visa $40.00 USD per person and *government tourist tax––*Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) $200.00 USD per person, per day.


Our quotation will always include the services of Karchung or another experienced senior guide of distinction™, a vehicle, an experienced driver, the royal tourist tariff, entrance fees to any approved site, personal sightseeing program to meet your ambitions for the trip, guest lecturers, private musical performance by a renowned musicologist, a meal program (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and upgraded hotels.

Kathleen Fung, the company's founder, and co-principal, Dennis Keser, have devoted their lives to sharing Bhutan with the world. Kathleen has led more than 50 trips to the kingdom and has shared her knowledge of guiding by designing and teaching a guides' certification course in Bhutan in 2007. Dennis a pioneer of eastern Bhutan travel and is the webmaster of



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