Photos: JD Keser, KZ Fung
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Photos: Far Fung Places Travelers

Our best advertising comes from referrals and repeat business. Our repeat business rate is well over 88%. A sign that we are doing something right. We have earned a Trip Advisor® 5 star rating for our unique travel programs.

Here are just a few traveler reviews that made us smile:

We knew that we were about to be introduced into a country which not only had great natural beauty but which also was a living sanctuary of inspiringly uplifting architecture and art. What we were not prepared for was the feeling that as soon as we arrived, we were invited as guests into an ancient and enduring family of mankind – a civilization pulsating with good will, with purity and openness, with intelligence and optimism, and with enthusiasm for sharing their love of their country with strangers. All of these qualities were concentrated for us in the person of our guide Karchung. He made us instantly comfortable, provided us with everything that we needed, answered every question we had with the confidence and thoroughness of a scholar and opened the heart of his country and people to us with eagerness and sincerity. There was seemingly nothing that he did not now, and even more importantly, nothing that he did not intuit as the four of us traveled into what became for us a spiritual pilgrimage." Bhutan, A.B.

"Just a note to thank you for arranging this wonderful trip to western Bhutan. Karchung and I swam in samsara; what a good and strong heart he has!" Bhutan, S.C. Texas

"I can't tell you how much I appreciated Karchung's willingness to work things out to fit our needs so that we all had a wonderful adventure. I could not have asked for a more complete trip from the excellent food to the comfortable accommodation and cheerful faithful driver. But, it was Bhutan itself that was so remarkable not so much for its dramatic sights like Taksang but for the amazing dedication of the people to their Buddhist culture, their king and their future. Thank you for making this experience possible." Bhutan, HC.

"Tshering was wonderful! He was so informative and personable." Bhutan, C Martin.

"Everyday was different. The trip was planned beautifully. Tshering was a compassionate and knowledge guide." Bhutan, M. K. New York.

"The hikes were not too strenuous so as to be a problem, so we all enjoyed the walking! We don't ordinarily take organized tours, but we would not hesitate to recommend Far Fung Places for Bhutan." Bhutan, Albert and Beth L.

"What was the most enjoyable part of the trip? Meeting the people directly in their villages and seeing everyday life as well as memorials, mosques, museums and the many places of interest." West Africa, Charlotte H.

"Allow us to congratulate you (Kathleen Fung) on a successful tour! You are a tireless, detailed and wonderful guide. We were honored to have traveled with you on one of your tours!" China, John and Beth H. Henderson.

"Kathleen, it was a privilege to be under your safe wing space. You were perfect!" China, C. Brown, Boston

"It was the adventure of a lifetime for us. Excellent under the most demanding conditions." Lawrence and Susan Tittle, Bhutan by the light of the Moon.


"When I reflect back on our trip and what we saw and accomplished, I am in awe. What an educational, exhilarating, historical, eye-opening trip it was. I appreciate your commitment to excellence, [and] your organizational skills [. . .]" Carole Wightman, West Africa.

"The most enjoyable part of our trip was Paul. His multi-national knowledge of everything that we saw, discussed, and questioned was absolutely outstanding. Each stop on our tour was made into an experience, rather than just a stop, because of his knowledge, enthusiasm, and his ability to work with all the people on the coast and in the villages. His personality was tops and his never-ending attentiveness to the group was almost unbelievable." Sally & Leigh Buckner, West Africa.

"Kathleen, your enthusiasm and expertise along with that of the local guides and of course the 'connectedness' of the group made the trip great!" Roz Tepper & John Byrne, West Africa.

"Even though I was unable to follow the entire itinerary, the "substitute" activities afforded me the opportunity to partake in an aspect of travel that is important to me...interacting with the people. Thank you for all the advice and helpful hints. Most of all, thank you for Tshering and Kencho, my "Rod and Staff". Superlatives are not enough praise for their guidance and driving" Gail Bloomstein, Bhutan, Rhapsody in Bloom.

"I don't think there was one thing that could of been improved upon." Joan Miller, Western to Eastern Bhutan, November/December.

"Our trip to Bhutan was simply fabulous! Truly, everyone exclaimed their admiration for the culture and appreciation for your lovely itinerary and arrangements. As a result, we shall all take our duty as ambassadors for Bhutan most seriously! Thanks so much for your expertise in making our Bhutan trip so magnificent. You can be assured that I will highly recommend you and your organization to potential travelers." Carla Newton, Bhutan by the Light of the Moon.

About Far Fung Places "We feel no one could have done a better job in Bhutan." John & Sherida Sowerby. Bhutan by the Light of the Moon.

"I really loved our tour guide, Tenzin; our driver, Pema; and his assistant Vgyen! They were very loving, caring, and helpful to us, especially on the difficult hikes." Cecilia Allen, Bhutan by the Light of the Moon.

"Our guide took us to visit his home & meet his family and he also took us to a special small temple that he had discovered— it was peaceful, lovely & we enjoyed the experience of being 'off the circuit'." Barbara Hughes, Jewels of the Himalayas.

"I shook my head when I compared the actual experience had by members of our group and reports from people using another company. Far Fung is the clear winner."
Laurie Young, Ancient Buddhist Kingdoms.

"[. . . ] we have the happiest memories of fantastic sights and experiences." Bill & Stella Smith, Assam to Pushkar Fair.

"Lectures, hikes, people, guides & driver, art––very good mixture of culture & nature––loved it!!!" Patrick Morgan, Bhutan Rhapsody in Bloom.

"It was beautiful, thought provoking, and educational, with many emotional experiences. There were so many highlights, but the visits to the schools were especially rewarding. Definitely a life-changing event." Keith Evans, Jewels of the Himalayas.

"Karchung was the best guide I've ever had on any trip. Kind, humorous, knowledgeable, sweet––a joy!" Brooke Bullinger, Jewels of the Himalayas.

"I loved traveling with Dennis (Keser) and loved how organized and well-run everything was." Judy Minor, Western to Eastern Bhutan.

"As I said, we recommend Far Fung to all who ask about our trip. The four of us are all very glad we chose you as our travel service. Feel free to send anyone to us for a recommendation" Dr. Tom Taylor, Custom designed Bhutan program.


"As I said before a guide can make or break a trip. Karchung absolutely made our trip. There was not one day better than the other. Everyday was the best there could be. Could write a book on the success of our trip. Our hats off to you for partnering with such a gentleman and a scholar, Karchung. Bhutan Unfurling, Dianne and Scott Henderson.


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