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Bhutan Unfurling: western to central Bhutan from Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha to Trongsa, Jakar and Tang valleys in Central Bhutan.

AS THE PREMIER world class expert of this iconic Buddhist nation. Far Fung Places continues to hold the keys to The Kingdom of Bhutan. We were among the first boutique travel companies to market Bhutan to the outside world more than 29 years ago. Far Fung Places’ presents Bhutan to you in a way that makes it possible to understand from an experienced perspective why this is quite possibly the most intriguing destination on earth. We are the marketing agents for Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd in the USA and an independent guide-owned company, Bhutan by Karchung. Read about us on our Trip Advisor® page.

Our most popular 12 day program showcases Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha in western Bhutan, the Black Mountains to Trongsa (or Gantey) and Tang  and Jakar valley in central Bhutan. To give you more time in Central Bhutan, we have included a flight from Paro to Bumthang. The program unfurls to reveal the country’s artistic, spiritual, and ancient traditions, but it also highlights both contemporary and rural society.  Renowned lecturers provide provocative talks on Mahayana Buddhism for the western mind, how life has changed in Bhutan over the last two decades, and some of the social issues facing the nation. A renowned musicologist presents Bhutanese music with a private performance on traditional instruments. You will get a sense of the past with visits to 17th century monasteries and temples, but also discover the rhythms of everyday life through personal encounters with villagers in their homes or farmhouses. 

See how life unfurls for Karma, our friend and farmer in Trongsa, in central Bhutan. At her home, you will learn the secrets of making ara, the national drink of Bhutan, taste suja tea (butter), and gesasip, roasted and flattened corn.  


Experience rural life as it existed centuries ago at the historical Ogyen Choling, a 400 year old manor in Tang valley. The owner descends from a noble family that once looked after all the villages in the region before the social reforms in the 1950’s abolished serfdom and the family then gave or sold the land at nominal rates to the villagers. A one or two night stay gives you a deeper understanding of Bhutan’s past reflected in its traditional architecture and customs,  and see first-hand how life unfurls today in a village at one time under their care. 


Our compelling program showcases the Paro festival with its sacred dances performed by monks and laity, invoking the deities of Tantric Buddhism.   A popular one is the sacred Black Hat Dance, which re-enacts the death of the anti-Buddhist King, and symbolizes victory over the enemy. The dancers wear magnificent brocaded robes with cloud collars and a round black hat with an elaborate finial, and hold a ritual dagger in their right hand. Our program includes the sacred unfurling of the giant thongdrol, considered the most powerful of all the sacred textiles, liberating the devout from their suffering by just one glance! 


A Bhutanese guide of distinction, Tshering or Phub will be looking after you in Bhutan.



Please inquire about our day-to-day itinerary for more details.



March and April are generally clear with blooming rhododendrons and dogwoods. There may be short periods of rain, but excellent chances to see the high peaks of the eastern Himalayas.

Five rooms maximum per departure. Request a day to day itinerary which goes into more details on the program of your choice.


Land/Air Cost

Land price: $5599 per person, sharing in a room, four and five star hotels (except inTrongsa). Includes domestic flight within Bhutan. Single supplement $1799




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